Tuesday, July 13, 2010

About the weaving process...

The invisible things the Lord creates
In Breath of Life I have created the opportunity for the reader to take a peek inside the womb and to become friends with a new human being, a person in progress. A thinker and poet at heart, this little man Sorek freely shares his thoughts with us!
"The fact that some things are invisible does not mean they don't exist! I was there; I just didn't have a human form yet. I must admit I thought at first that the weaving process was just a matter of getting a body. Now I realize there is more to the package than mere form. The invisible things the Lord creates, came with it. Yes, I came with a future, with dreams and desires, with a love for life, and most of all with a unique character that includes my talents and abilities, my doubts and fears, and yes, even my little jokes."


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Thank you, Marja, for an amazing, thoughtful post.

Susan :)

Marja said...

Thanks for your comment Susan! Sorek has an amazing story to tell..