Tuesday, March 22, 2011

God has something with names

With the Creator things are different...
Sorek is living his second month in the womb, the month of Iyyar on the Hebrew calendar. He meditates:

"You're asking me if I know about the human custom to give names to newcomers. Yes, I know that my earthly parents will give me a name as soon as I am somewhat more of a person. But that is just earthly procedure. With my Creator, things are different. You see, except from the names on His hands, He has this book with names. I believe my name is in there too. As a matter of fact, I believe all of His creations may be in there, even the stars that no one can count. Okay, I admit, I am bragging, but I am bragging about the truth. It is said of my Creator that 'He has decided the number of the stars and calls each one by name' (Psalm 147:4). See what I mean? That is what I would call a pretty heavy statement. So, anyway, my spiritual name is in this book too; it is up to me if it stays there."