Saturday, June 25, 2011

Piece of the puzzle

"It was Him who called me by my special name. It was Him who prepared a lot of things for me to do once I am out there. It was Him who gave me the breath of life, who granted me a soul and now gave me a body. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship, a safe place for my soul, the very inner part of me that no man will ever see, but that will be experienced by many as I am willing to share it.

My Creator didn’t just hand me a soul, randomly picked from the heavenly shelves. No, He gave me a soul shaped like His very own, full of love, ready to be shared with everyone. The little hole, the void in my soul, I now know, is nothing to be worried about. He takes a little piece of everyone, the first and also final piece of the puzzle of one’s life, just to make sure we stay connected. The Great Teacher once said 

You are in me, just as I am in you (John 14:20).  Don’t ask me how He can hold so many pieces, He’s God and that settles it."