Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Creating Process

About the 9 months in the womb
"From now on I am a part of the human time zone, I entered the human calendar! I don't know yet if that is to be considered an accomplishment, but I do know it has me all excited!"

It would be interesting if we could go back into the womb and relive our making, but that is not really what I tried to do in this book. I have simply chosen a name for the unborn child and given him the opportunity to tell his story. Reading about the life of Sorek will give the reader not just insight on fetal development but on several spiritual issues as well. I have used a surprising array of scriptures as a basis for my story. Life of Sorek will give the reader a unique chance to watch the creating process from the inside out!


wyn said...

Sorek is a part of my life now, and in some strange way the fact that his life ended at birth, I feel as if he is my child too, and I can dream the dreams he had even now!
You wrote something so special Marja that it seems as if your book began and ended in heaven with Sorek and the angels.

Marja said...

Thank you for your kind words Wyn. I am so glad the life of Sorek inspired you, yes you can dream the dreams he had!! That's one reason I wrote the book, it is not just about him, it is about all of us. What have we done with our lives? What can we still do to advance the Kingdom of God?